Online Signup

Online Signup is a multi-step process that allows you to start a new membership at a club using the Internet.

The Online Signup steps are as follows:

  1. Location: Select the club you want to join.
  2. Plans: Select a membership plan.
  3. Info: Enter your personal information.
  4. Confirm: Sign your membership agreement and receive your new membership agreement number.

Depending on how Online Signup is accessed, you may not be required to complete all of these steps. For example, if Online Signup is linked from a specific club, you will not be required or able to return to the Location step.

Read on for more information about completing the online signup process.



The Location page uses Google Maps to assist you in finding the club that is most convenient for you.

Here you can do one of the following:



Once you select a club from the Locations page, the Plans page will open.

The available plans will differ depending on the club you choose.

Here you can do one of the following:



When you enter a promotional code or select a plan, the Info page will open. This page contains the following sections:

Complete each section as outlined below, and then click Continue.

Required fields are designated with a red asterisk (*).


Member Information

To complete the Member Information section, enter your personal information including:


Emergency Information

To complete the Emergency Information section, enter your:



Check the box next to any additional available services that you want to add. The Payment Summary amounts are listed to the right will be updated as add-ons are selected.


Recurring Payment Information

To complete the Recurring Payment Information section, enter:


Due Today Payment Information

If you selected Credit Card as your Payment Method and you want to use this card to pay the amount due today, select Use the same credit card for your due today amount.

Otherwise, enter the following information:


Notes/Terms & Conditions

  1. Select the Terms & Conditions link to view the terms and conditions of this agreement, and then select the check box to agree to them.
  2. Select the Notes link to view any notes regarding this agreement, and then select the check box to agree to them.


Payment Summary

The Payment Summary box on the right of the page displays the following information:

Select the linked amounts to see more information:



The Confirm page displays the personal information you have entered, as well as your payment summary. Click Previous if you need to change any of this information.

  1. In the Sign Here section, sign your name with a mouse or with your finger if you are using a touch device. To re-sign, select Clear Signature and then sign your name again.
  2. Select Signup.

Your new agreement number will be listed, and a copy of your agreement will be sent to your email address. For a printed copy of your agreement, click Print My Agreement.

You can also click the Twitter and/or Facebook buttons to share the news of your membership with your friends. These links will also be available in the agreement email.

Once you have received an agreement number you can register for an account, which allows you to view and change your personal billing information, make payments online, and more.