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Report Overview

The Attrition report lists the monthly attritionThe reduction in the number of memberships. percentages for the selected time frame. You can view a list of several months at once, and also view details for individual months.

Numbers on this report are rounded throughout.



Report Columns

For each month, the report includes the columns in the table below.

Column Description
Monthly Attrition The negative impact divided by the average number of beginning and ending accounts.
Monthly Attrition Annualized

The monthly attrition multiplied by 12.

Rolling 12 Month Attrition

Uses a history of data in its calculation, including the negative impact and the ending number of accounts. Take the sum of the previous 12 months' negative impact and divide it by the result of dividing the sum of the last 13 months' Ending # Accounts by 12.

Another way of representing this is


When to Use the Attrition Report

Use the Attrition Report to compare a club's attrition rate across months. Use drill-down reports to view one month of data and compare attrition for recurring and Cash/PIF accounts.

Tip: Use the Account Reconciliation report to compares the different explanations for positive and negative impact and to see individual accounts categorized. Use the Attrition report to compare months to one another

Tip: To compare the Attrition for several clubs, use the Attrition Detail Aggregated by Months report.


Selection Criteria

When you run the Attrition report, you can choose between viewing all available months or the most recent 13 months of data.


Drill-down reports

Months link to a drill-down summary report. Click to see a sample of an Attrition drill-down detail report.

The report groups the accounts by Recurring Billing or Cash/PIF. It also includes totals. For each group, it includes:


Sample Report

Here is an example of the Attrition report.