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Online Business Center Release Notes 1.33.2

Release Date: Thursday, May 20, 2016

Release Number: 1.33.2

Detect Browsers Running on Windows XP

With this release, users who visit the Online Business Center and log in will receive a warning message if they are using a computer running a Windows XP version lower than SP3. The warning message reads as: Due to security risks, you must upgrade Windows XP to Service Pack 3 to continue using ABC Financial Services web sites. Please call the ABC Financial Help Desk at 1-877-222-5767 if you need assistance.

If you have not already done so, you should upgrade to Windows XP SP3 as soon as possible so that your computer's security is improved and so that your Online Business Center experience continues to deliver the results you expect.


Password Message Correction

Previously, when changing passwords on the Online Business Center site, you may have noticed conflicting messages in the dialog box. One message mentioned the new password must be eight (8) characters while another message mentioned seven (7). See the image below.


This issue has been corrected with this release. Online Business Center passwords must be eight (8) characters.


Corrected Cookie Security Issues

Previously, some ASP.NET cookies generated by the Online Business Center's web site were not properly setting a secure flag associated with the session ID.

In this release, we corrected these security issues so that the system properly sets all security flags associated with cookies.


ACH Blacklist Information

Previously, if you attempted to update billing information in the Online Business Center to an account number on the ACH Blacklist, the system displayed Error 237, as shown in the image below.

With this release, we added a custom message to clarify the situation. Now the error message reads as: "Bank account number is invalid."


PCI Compliance and Open Email Relay

To protect against potential exploitation by spammers and worms, and to conform with PCI Compliance guidelines, we modified the system web servers from an Open Email Relay to a Closed Email Relay. This modification increases security and rejects relaying unnecessary email attempts.