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OBC Release Notes 1.33.1

Release Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2015
Release Number: 1.33.1


PCI Modifications and Enhancements

Password and Registration Page Modifications

  • The Add User page has been updated so that users cannot use all-numeric passwords.
  • Recovery and secret questions on the registration page now match the questions on the user page.
  • Messages and Javascript have been updated to reflect the eight character minimum for passwords.


Cross Site Scripting Modifications

To protect against potential Cross Site Scripting attacks, the following modifications have been implemented:

  • Fields on the Web Changes page have been encoded: Changed By, Change Type, Start Date, and Stop Date.
  • Input fields on all new agreement pages have been encoded. This helps ensure script injections will not execute on the agreement summary page before submission.


DOM Configuration Modification

To help ensure privacy and page manipulations do not occur, the version number has been removed from the header codes.