Re-Ordering Membership Agreements

The Membership Agreement Re-Order form allows you to choose the 2 Part forms or the 3 Part forms for any of the existing Re-Order types. Depending on whether you choose the 2 Part or 3 Part option, the Quantity options will change to reflect the appropriate price breaks for the selected option.

Note: For new orders or orders with changes, please contact Club Marketing (866-992-8960).

To re-order membership agreements

  1. Select the type of agreement from the Re-Print Order list:
  • Current Template
  • Renewals
  • Personal Training
  • EAE Agreement (Back Page)
  1. Select the Re-Print Type: 2 Part or 3 Part.
  2. Select the order Quantity. The Quantity options are based on the re-print type you selected.
  3. Type the beginning sequence number. This should begin where your last order left off.
  4. If you would like any non-numbered agreements, type the amount needed.
  5. Review your shipping information for accuracy and select the desired shipping method. (Shipping rates are listed below the Shipping Method.)
  6. Click Submit.


The following is an example of the Membership Agreements Re-Order form.