Billing Calendar

The Billing Calendar enables you to view billing cycles and deposit methods. You can also use this calendar to find out when your reports will be generated on the Club Reporting System (CRS).

Important! If you normally receive your billing money via ACHAutomated Clearing House is a club pay mode by which the club will receive its money within 48 hours after billing has posted. or check, please pay special attention to the dates in bold typeface. These are times when your money will arrive later than the 5th or the 20th. Should you need to receive your money earlier on these special dates, you may contact Client Services at 888-622-6290 to make arrangements prior to the cycle end date.

In the example below, the red, blue, and yellow boxes on the image provide information about various billing cycles.

  • Red Box: If your club receives a deposit via Wire and wishes to find the deposit date for End of Month April, the red boxes show that the cycle began on 4/16 and ended 4/30. The billing totals were being calculated beginning on the 5/1 and the Wire transfer would take place on 5/4.
  • Blue Box: If your club wishes to find the deposit date for Mid-Month May, the blue boxes show that this cycle began 5/1 and ended 5/15. The Billing totals were being calculated beginning on the 16th and the ACH transfer would take place on 5/20. Notice that ACH does take longer to deposit.
  • Yellow Box: The yellow boxes indicate when the CRS reports would be available for viewing, relative to each cycle.